Photo by Phillip Johnson of  Seattle Music News .

Photo by Phillip Johnson of Seattle Music News.

"the catchiness of an early Taylor Swift hit but with the raw and biting lyrics of Joan Baez." - Northwest Music Scene
"When you want a pull for emotion, [Sarah's] tracks hit the spot." - Portia Smith of Obsessed by Portia
"There's no doubt, [Sarah's] lyrics, vocals, and piano can fill any venue. But she can also roll in with her band and drop the hammer. I'm not even sure what drop the hammer means, but I know she did it at the Seattle Acoustic Festival." - Rain City Collective
"[Small Voice is] a beautiful collection of songs that with each listen will bring forth themes and motifs layered throughout to tell a story of love, loss and ultimately hope." - Northwest Music Scene
"As a whole, Small Voice is self-reflective and intimate, and is set apart from other indie pop albums by St. Albin’s unique voice. She’s unafraid of belting out her choruses, more in the tradition of pop divas. This EP will be enjoyed by power-ballad lovers and indie pop fans alike." - The Daily UW
Photo by T. Hammons.

Photo by T. Hammons.

"I definitely recommend checking out 'If I'm Being Honest' - you can thank me later." - SBHopper